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Nilaveli Diving Centre (1)

Located on the east coast of Sri Lanka, 275km from the capital of Colombo, Nilaveli, is known the world over for its beautiful soft, white sandy beaches which slope gently into the warm Indian Ocean.

Travel to Nilaveli is by road, railway or plane (link to local budget carrier). The car journey from colombo takes about 6 hours whilst the journey by bus (public transport) takes about 7 and a half hours. The bus service is at regular intervals. The train journey from colombo takes about 8 hours. From the Trincomalee town ( the main town ) many three wheel taxis( tuk tuks) are freely available to reach your destination.

Nilaveli DIVING CENTRE (1) @ High Park Beach Hotel
Ward No. 1 - 9th Mile Post - Nilaveli - Trincomalee
Sri Lanka
+94 (0)77 – 44 36 173 or +94 (0)77 077 85 97

The "Nilaveli Diving Centre (1) " team guarantees a perfect holiday - above and below the water level.


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